Moog Is Facing A Gender Discrimination Lawsuit

The music equipment manufacturer is also accused of breaching a contract in a separate dispute.

Moog is a leading manufacturer of synthesisers and other music equipment.

The company is facing two separate lawsuits one allegedly for discrimination against an employee and in the other they are accused of breaching a contract.

UG Strategies filed a suit about the contract breach on August 11, as they accused Moog of wrongfully terminating an agreement after they managed the 2018 edition of the Moogfest festival.

The firm seems to claim that the contract should remain valid, which implies auto-renew for following years, and the dispute is over the cancellation of Moogfest 2020. The festival took place in May of 2018, and Moog say the contract was terminated on August 31 in 2018, but UG strategies claim it had been agreed they would manage the festival until 2020.

Michael J. Adams is the CEO of Moog, and his attorney spoke to Pitchfork, saying: “It is a baseless lawsuit filed on the eve of the statute of limitations by a company who terminated the contract.”

Hannah Green is a former Moog employee who is filing a gender discrimination suit against the company where according to her lawyer she is looking to get over $1m in damages and legal fees.

Her lawyer revealed this when speaking to Asheville Blade, when also saying how Green allegedly faced harassment from her male colleagues as the only female staff member on the sales team. She also said that one individual physically intimidated her on numerous occasions. She claims that she made complaints about the treatment, and was fired in April 2020 due to her reporting the harassment.

There is also a dispute over a promotion that was given to Hannah Green’s male colleague, which her lawyer notes was given without Moog “posting the open position and without an application process, in contravention of written company policy.” Apparently, Moog also denied her two months of severance pay.

Hannah Green has reportedly stated that on “one of my last week’s there the guy that assaulted me and carried a knife, made a joke about killing a woman in a sales team meeting.”

Moog has denied these claims and said an internal investigation had not found supporting evidence, so branded Hannah Green’s claims as “unsubstantiated“.

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