Luciano & Nic Fanciulli Headlined Ibiza’s First Eco-Conscious Festival

The two headliners share their thoughts on sustainability and experience DJing at the, Ibiza Global Festival.

Luciano & Nic Fanciulli are iconic DJs who are also environmentally conscious.

Ibiza Global Festival ran in July of 2022 with a focus on sustainability and the environment, which is an ethos shared by event headliners Luciano and Nic Fanciulli.

Set up by the team behind Ibiza Global Radio, it was a free daytime event that welcomed families, tourists and locals to come and dance on Antonio’s S’Arenal beach.

Ibiza is a destination of natural beauty that is also a tourist hotspot and Ibiza Global Festival is an important landmark in the island’s history, as it’s the destinations first eco-conscious festival.

The event was spread over two days and attracted over 20,000 people during its 14 hours of music, including sets by over 25 DJs and live acts such as Alex Kennon, Rebeka Brown, Reff, WOLO, Dish Dash, Josefin Rosen, Chelu Garcia, Kamobii, Albert Sirkia, Medusa Odyssey, Varoc and more.

Luciano headlined the first day on the 30th of July and had this to say about his experience: “Anything that connects you to nature will make you feel more grounded and the music always sounds better in the open air. I love to play during the daytime because it connects people and I can feel the breeze, I can see the sea… all these elements added a special touch to the party.”

Mentioning his own involvement with eco-conscious practices and initiatives, Luciano added: “This (sustainability) is very important to me. I have a foundation that is called One Coin For Life, which I have been doing for years, and protecting indigenous people and tribes is a cause very close to my heart. To connect with your surroundings and protect them – even if it is just a small stretch of sand – is something I am always trying to do.”

Some of the sustainability and environmental things put in place at the Ibiza Global Festival included people on site from 5pm-1am picking up litter and maintaining the integrity of the natural environment. There were also biodegradable ashtrays throughout the site amongst numerous other environmentally friendly schemes.

Nic Fanciulli headlined the second day of the festival on the 31st of July and talking about his experience at the event, said: “I had an amazing time. It was good to be part of a free event on the island with a high level of production that brought together people of all ages and backgrounds. The beach brings out a different energy in people than you get from clubs or festivals and I certainly felt it that night.”

Talking about his vision for a greener and cleaner future, Nic Fanciulli added: “Sustainability is very important to me and I try my best to make choices in my everyday life to do my part. We all can make a difference no matter how small the gesture may seem. From bringing your own reusable bags when you go shopping, or being mindful of fast fashion and how wasteful it is for the environment, to taking public transport when you can. Every contribution we make helps.”

The event was an outstanding success and hype is already building for the potential of a 2023 edition. It also hoped to become a role model for other Ibiza promoters who could be doing more to make their events sustainable and eco-friendly


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