Lobster Theremin Launches Vinyl Subscription Service ‘LTDUBS’

Subscribers will have the chance to buy limited edition released pressings of only 50 copies.

LTDUBS is an innovative new vinyl subscription service from the Lobster Theremin record label.

LTDUBS will initially invite subscribers to purchase the limited edition vinyl that’s only going to have 50 copies pressed. People will have to put their trust in the label, and buy the record without hearing the music first, as audio snippets won’t be shared until after the vinyl has sold out.

The identity of the music’s creator will also be kept a secret until after the vinyl is no longer available, so there is a potential people could be getting exclusive music from one of the label’s top sellers. Although, sceptically it’s probably more likely to be an exciting new talent that the label will present through the subscription service.

If the latter of the above is correct, and it’s music from a new artist, this could actually be the better of the two possibilities, as no doubt the tracks will be amazing, and LTDUBS will just be a delivery method for them to help introduce the artist to the label’s fanbase. Of course, this is just a prediction, and people will need to subscribe in order to find out.

What seems almost certain is that a small handful of the 50 limited vinyl copies will end up on second-hand sellers like Discogs, and sell to collectors for a lot more than the cost of a subscription price. So, buying without listening could turn out to be a financial investment for some, although its frustrating when things like this happen, as it’s along the same lines as what ticket touts do when exploiting music fans.

Melbourne based DJ Life recently featured his Quantum Travel EP on Lobster Theremin, and you can hear the Australian artist’s release below, and sign up to LTDUBS, HERE.


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