David Morales Talks Graffiti, Fashion & His New Release

The iconic American artist has been a headline DJ for over two decades.

David Morales is a dance music legend who is best known for his ‘90s classic “Needin’ U”.

The veteran DJ and producer is an American icon who has been active at the top of the electronic music industry for well over two decades. Playing sets all over the world, he has headlined countless nightclubs and music festivals.

He recently announced his first album in over a decade, and has already released the first single from it called “The Feels” Feat. Mr. V, DJ Rae & Scott Paynter”.

Having released his music on some of the world’s biggest record labels, he has also mixed top-selling DJ compilations.

Keen to learn more about his career and passions in life, we caught up with David Morales to ask him some questions…

Hi David, it’s great to be talking with you today. What part of the world are you currently based in, and are there still restrictions on live music plus nightclubs?

I’m now based in Italy and yes there are still restrictions here. I’m hoping that the clubs open here for the winter, but I doubt it. I may base myself in the States for the winter to do press for my new album and a tour.

On the subject of Lockdown, I understand you started your own Twitch show called “Sunday Mass” during the pandemic. Could you tell us a bit more about it, and what makes it different from a standard radio show?

I started Sunday Mass about a year and a half ago as soon as Italy went into lockdown. I never thought that it would have grown into what it is today. We average between 11K-14K views per show with people cycling in and out from all over the world. Sunday Mass has been a great thing for me during the pandemic – it’s like having a virtual radio or TV show. The show has allowed me to interact with the audience on a whole other level. In addition to playing music, I share my life stories and joke with the audience. My show has brought me closer to my fans and I really enjoy that.

It would be hard not to ask a question about your classic tracks such as Needin’ U. Is there a personal favourite from all the music you released between now and the 90’s?

I can’t answer that question. I’ve done way too much music and I still have new music coming out that I really like.

Talking of your classics, I understand that J Balvin & Skrillex recently reworked your track ‘In De Ghetto’. I’d love to know the story behind this, as I see their version has already had over 100,000,000 streams?

I know it’s crazy what’s going on with “In De Ghetto”. J Balvin asked me for permission to use the sample and the funny thing is, I didn’t even know who J Balvin was! So when I found out who he was of course I said yes! It’s amazing how a song that I wrote and produced 28 years ago is one of the biggest songs today.

How did you first discover electronic music, as I understand you are also a fan of Graffiti, and I wanted to ask if there was a link between the two?

If you ever saw the series “The Get Down” that was my life – music, and graffiti. Except that it wasn’t about “electronic” music back then, it was about the music from the hood. I’m in the graffiti hall of fame.

Talking of Graffiti, are there any street artists you can recommend checking out and do you even do any Graffiti yourself?

I really don’t keep in touch with that world. It’s hard enough to keep up with the new generation in music. During the pandemic, I bought new markers and books and started to draw again.

I understand that Graffiti has also had a lot of influence on fashion, and I was curious to hear your opinion on this?

Well to some extent yes. I’ve painted 3 pairs of my Adidas shell trainers. In the past, I’ve done some jean jackets.

I’m told you are also passionate about food and cooking, what’s your signature dish, and are there any restaurants or cafés in your local area that you could recommend?

I’m definitely a foodie as they say. My signature dish is Puerto Rican rice & beans with either fried chicken wings or steak and onions. In Bologna, there are a lot of fantastic restaurants. I highly recommend two: Tony’s for tagliatelle bolognese and Bertino for traditional Bolognese cooking.

What’s coming up next in your schedule, as I understand you have a new release out called ‘The Feels’. I’d love to know more about this?

Yes, I have a new single called “The Feels” featuring Mr. V, DJ Rae, and Scotty Paynter. I wanted a song that had more of a community thing as in having more than one singer and each singer has their own unique style. I started with the rhythm first and the rest just came together.

Thanks for talking to us today, is there a message to fans or anything else you would like to add before we finish?

I want to thank all the fans for their continued support. Be safe!

You can pick up a copy of David Morales’ new single “The Feels” from HERE


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