UK governments announces it’s possible Nightclubs could open June 21st

Boris Johnson has said that the UK will vaccinate all willing adults before the nightlife industry is reopened.

In a recent press conference, Boris Johnson has announced information linking to the reopening of night clubs in the UK.

Rapid flow tests are likely to be used for businesses that in his words have been “toughest nuts to crack” which related mainly to the business sector unable to open last year during the attempted easing of lockdown restrictions.

He also said that mass vaccination is the overall aim for safely reopening the country. The aim is for every adult in the UK hoped to be vaccinated by autumn 2021, and that for nightlife to open again it will probably be a case of rapid testing used in combination with vaccinations.

Boris Johnson did go on to state that: “I want to stress to everybody, it is still early days, and there are lots of discussions still to be had.”

The BBC also revealed that a government source told them that: “There is a long way to go before we can get people back at big events safely.”


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