Closed: Who Will Be Crowned The World’s Best Progressive Producer(s)?

Poll closed: the producers for this poll were chosen in accordance with their Beatstats popularity, social stats, touring schedules and are listed in no particular order

Thanks to the legion of progressive fans that pledged support for their favourite artists in our poll. There were over 10,000 votes cast and to ensure things were completely fair, we made the results of this vote open to you at all times, so you could keep an eye on the voting.

We received a number of Emails from concerned fans during the final day of the competition, saying they had spotted unusual voting patterns. So we made a decision to delay the results, to make sure the people registering their votes using bots, VPNs and other means, didn’t affect the outcome of the vote.

Here are the official standings. Congratulations to Cristoph, D-Nox, Luke Brancaccio and Simon Berry.


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