Locals can go clubbing on the Isle Of Man!

Due to its low COVID rates, the Isle Of Man is already throwing events with packed dancefloors.

The Isle Of Man is a small island located in between England and Ireland, best known for its annual TT motorbike race that laps the island.

Carl Cox is a motorbike enthusiast, and he sponsors one of the teams who each year race in The Isle Of Man TT, which is said to be one of the dangerous motorbike races in the world due to its high number of crashes.

Although the island’s Motorbike Race is one of the most dangerous in the world, it’s recently been revealed that its clubbing scene is right now one of the safest.

Due to its incredibly low/none existent rate of COVID cases, The Isle Of Man’s club scene is one of the only ones in Europe that’s still in full swing, and can safely have packed dance floors after closing its borders.

It’s only the locals who can benefit from this clubbing freedom, but it’s fair to say the rest of the UK is pretty jealous after mainland clubs have remained closed for nearly 12 months.

Apparently, the local scene was struggling before the pandemic, but with locals trapped on the island, it’s now booming. Local DJ and producer Michael Moss aka Lyco told Mixmag: “It’s weird to say it, but Covid has actually been a bit of a blessing for us” then went on to say “the scene was slowly dying,” the turmoil and eventual triumph of the last year has “given new life to Isle of Man nightlife, a new appreciation of how lucky we are.

H/T: Mixmag


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