‘Head Of Clouds’ Is A New Project Focused On Dreamy Electronica

The second release ‘When Magic Happens’ is out now their self titled record label.

Head Of Clouds is a new label and artist project that focuses on dreamy electronica with uplifting energy.

After launching last month with the single ‘Almond Eyes’, the Spanish artist is back again with their second release titled ‘When Magic Happens’.

Little is known about the Spanish artist behind the project, except that they make exceptional music that is both imaginative and compelling.

Although it’s not necessarily club music in its standard format, the Head Of Clouds style could still find its place on the dance floor as an intro track with a blissed-out moment of extended euphoria in the middle of a DJ set.

Taking the delicate melodies and textures you would expect to hear from labels like Lee Burridge’s All Day I Dream, Head Of Clouds strips out most of the percussive elements until only the bare essentials are left. This allows the melodies to soar, and for each little intricacy to shine through.

When Magic Happens opens with poignant piano chords and a rippling synth line that flutters with swells of energy until the track takes flight with the introduction of a kick drum and some other percussive textures. Truly magnificent, the spellbinding track ends on a crescendo that snaps you back into the real world after being lost in its daydream.

You can pick up a copy from HERE


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