Barcelona, one of Spain’s most beautiful and at the same time, exciting cities.

The cosmopolitan capital of Spain’s Catalonia region, has so much to offer, from modernista architecture to Techno parties and everything in between. But with so much to choose from, sometimes it’s hard to decide what to do and where to go, so here’s a proposal for you, for a Friday night out on the town.

The first stop is Discos Paradiso, one of the most emblematic record stores in Barcelona. It’s a must for all DJs and music lovers that come to visit the city, a store you can get lost in for hours, where you can really dig deep and find some true gems. The most searched for albums, second hand records, rare oddities and new releases- there really is something for everyone.


After digging deep, the hunger starts to kick in, and we have just the place that can help with that, ChakaKhan. Situated in the heart of El Raval, the ambience is intimate and personal with a cosy exotic feel to it. Enjoy a large selection of dishes that represent different authentic foods from various continents. Having some good food down us is necessary to give us that energy to dance the night away!


Before heading to the club, enjoy a mouthwatering cocktail in one of the most beautiful spots in the city, Torre Rosa. Jordi Reig, the barman of this old colonial house that has been converted into one of the most talked about cocktail bars in Barcelona, never fails to take you on a real journey of bursting flavours and textures. An experience that cannot be missed.


And then comes the partying. For that, we head over to SIGHT – The brand that is traveling the globe, landing at some of the world’s best nightclubs, has its weekly party at the renown Pacha Barcelona.

Every Fridaysome of the biggest names in Electronic music takes over the decks of this great club situated along the seafront of La Barceloneta. SIGHTS audience knows what to expect – the crowd is a mixture between local techno lovers and travelers from all over the globe with a good taste in music and out to have a good time.

Without a doubt SIGHT at Pacha Barcelona is the best party in the city and the brand that brings the most exciting lineups to Barcelonas nightlife. A perfect way to end such a jammed packed evening in what is, and will always be, an incredible city that needs to be explored by everyone. |


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