Adana Twins Record label, TAU Drops New EP By Dominik Marz & Radial Gaze

The four track collaborative EP is out now.

TAU’s back catalogue also includes music from Innellea, Upercent, BOg, Darlyn Vlys & more…

Dominik Marz and Radial Gaze team up for this four-track outing on TAU. Both acts have been steadily building their reputations on the underground, maintaining a high level of consistency and captivating dance floors across the planet. They have already worked together, dropping ‘Trans’ on Mexican label Duro in 2021. Now they’re back with a full EP, demonstrating the full force of their alliance.

The EP starts with ‘Baren’, where we find a low end percolating alongside crispy beats, with an array of percussive additions to increase the momentum. The bass pumps and vocal clips dip in and out of the background as the trio add more layers. It’s a heady combination of well pro- grammed beats with synth and bassline arrangement.

Then we have ‘Asper’, a dense punchy cut with a simple, hypnotic melody. This cut really benefits from its simplicity, an unfussy foundation which supports a colourful main riff.

Next is ‘Mistral’, a percussion-heavy composition that features an earworm melody, trundling drums, and a warped vocal. This one is a proper dance floor stomper.

Lastly, ‘E-Functions’ is a driving cut with a mysterious aura. The trio keep this one engaging throughout with plenty of progression around the core motifs. It’s ominous yet bouncy and playful, striking the balance perfectly and closing out the EP in style.

You can pick up a copy of the release HERE.


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