Seth Troxler Launches ‘Dream Access Television’

Starting April 20th on Twitch, the weekly series of music, news and ‘oddball shows’ will be free to stream.

Dream Access Television (DAT) was dreamt up by the mind of Seth Troxler, and it’s a place where he and his cohorts let their imaginations go wild.

Inspired by late nights in a mid-West basement in the late 80s/early 90s, comes a new kind of TV network, a kaleidoscope of freaks and misfits, creatives and explorers, a melting pot of media hosted by characters you might run into on your favourite left of centre dancefloor…Dream Access Television.

DAT’s programming will serve up a fish tank ambient weekly special, left of centre news with Bill Patrick and Dear Morni, an old school hip-hop morning show hosted by Detroit’s DJ Too Fine!, food programming from Shit Mendy and Eats Everything, adventure expeditions from the future with Mathias Aguayo, crate-digging with D’Julz, and the joyous Misery Index with Hiroko and Drumcell. They’ll be jazz explorations with Greg Paulus and John Camp on the Jazz Hands show, specials with Freak Fans and recurring shows from the likes of Matthew Dear, Matthew Johnson and brother Nathan.

‘Seth Speaks’ sees Seth Troxler tackling the big issues of the week in a talk show format… think Meet The Press meets Eurotrash.

Seth Troxler gave a statement saying: “Dream Access TV is a nostalgic take on public broadcasting from yesteryear. This is a channel devoted to the odd and quirky format made popular in 70’s-90’s America.  DJs and artists will host weird and wonderful shows – and encouraged to go on excursions to places and situations where we (and they) are unaccustomed.

DAT is b-movie satire and quasi-journalism. It’s about everything else and operates at the perimeters of our lives and interests. We aim to entertain and inform the viewer with oddball shows and skits ranging from cooking and eating shows, to interview formats and music-based programming. A hodgepodge of content that uniquely creates a space that is both everything and nothing at all. It’s a figment of my imagination and the imagination of all the artists involved. We’re creating a new channel deep in the twilight zone of our minds and the dance music conscious. Dream with us.”

Dream Access Television is free to stream on Twitch, and launches will launch on the 20th of April. You can access it HERE


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