Roger Grassi Provides 333 Sessions With An Epic Mix of Organic House

The Australian artist from the Gold Coast is well known on the local club scene for his epic DJ sets.

This recorded mix was the very same played at 6-9am Sunday Morning at Rabbits Eat Lettuce festival, what an incredible journey!

A message from the artist: “Playing at a festival like, Rabbits Eat Lettuce, one of the best festivals in Australia, from 6am to 9am, at the DriftLab stage was one of the best experiences of my career. Driftlab was without a doubt, was one of the best stages of the entire festival. That beautiful valley, full of big trees, making an acoustic shell which made everything harmonically perfect. The whole musical journey that Sunday was amazing, with artists like April Kerry, Jona, Moe Aloha and Sriracha playing before me. It seemed that there was a synchronicity between each of the djs. At 6am I dropped my first track, along with the first rays of sunlight of that day. The atmosphere changed from lights and lasers to sunlight along with sounds of nature waking up on a cold sunny Sunday. For the first time, I felt something incredible inside me that I had never felt before, and the connection between me and everyone there seemed to be on a single frequency. This was felt in an intense way that made the 3 hour set turn into a beautiful musical journey, full of colours and deep feelings, making everyone feel that present moment, alive and dancing with the sun rising and warming the soul of everyone present. It really was an incredible experience that will remain forever in my memory.

For me, having this set posted here on Flow Sessions means a lot in my career as a DJ. It is an immense pleasure to be part of this select group of incredible artists around the world. I would like to thank Flow Music for creating an original, solid and thoughtful concept, focusing not only on established artists, but also on Australian artists, who seek and dream of opportunities like this. I hope you like this mix and that you can feel a little bit of what I felt that day. Peace and Love.”

Soundcloud: @rogera7
Instagram: roger_grassi_music

Cover art by: Jai Piccone


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