Hrag Mikkel Provides Flow Sessions With A Laid-Back Mix Of Deep House

Episode 54 of the podcast series comes from the Beirut based artist who has released music on labels including Pipe & Pochet.

Hrag Mikkel is a true pioneer of progressive storytelling music and has been making rounds throughout the whole world.

With an unparalleled sound that is composed of organic groovy tones, Hrag Mikkel has certainly distinguished himself from others in the industry. Born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon, he is a top charted artist who has released on labels like Pipe & Pochet and LNDKHN. Hrag Mikkel interprets and recreates the culture that surrounds him, and translates it into his distinguished eclectic and ethnic sound.

A message from the artist

Welcoming spring season with a 3.33 hour mix for our beloved Flow Sessions. For the past year, we have been experiencing challenging moments with the economic crisis, sickness, loss and poverty. We must constantly remind ourselves, especially in the face of rejection or the sting of missed opportunity, that sometimes in life, with every undesirable circumstance comes the promise of growth, appreciation and a more beautiful path on which to walk.

This mix is the start of something beautiful where only love and hope are deep within us. In a world as cruel as ours, what we have left is Nature. I want you to be near it, near the people you love in your backyard or wherever you feel safe. Breathe the air, feel the warmth and most importantly dance to the groove. – Hrag Mikkel

Hrag Mikkel

Soundcloud: @hrag-mikkel

Cover Art – Jai Piccone


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