Flow Sessions Reveals ‘A View From The Decks’ Documentary

A New Podcast And Live Stream Series Born Out Of The Love For Music And The Desire To Give Back!

When we founded Flow Sessions 10 months ago, it was with a vision of not only supporting artists, struggling in an unprecedented time, but also in laying the foundations for a new collaborative and creative community.

“With ‘A View From The Decks’, we wanted to give the artists a voice and to not just have another livestream. We felt that electronic artists sometime fly under the radar, without people really getting to know them. We wanted to change the way things are done through this very medium. We see all the artists that we collaborate with as a family. Telling their story is a way we can familiarise our audience with the real people behind the names.” Corr Piccone, Flow Music

It was just supposed to be some interviews, and choosing one of the meccas of electronic music, was probably the most obvious place to go catch up with a first wave of Flow Sessions artists we had already featured, such the likes of Madmotormiquel, Dirty Doering and Jacob Groening, to do a round of interviews in one sitting. It just so happened to be Berlin. What happened next seems very obvious now: meeting some Berliners and peering into the city’s irresistible underground scene and experiencing it first hand, hearing from some of the stalwarts about what club culture means to them, how the city has grown and changed, and also how it can overcome the devastating effects of a global pandemic that has placed an entire industry’s existence into limbo! – Deep Ghosh, Flow Sessions

The team at Flow Sessions see this as the first instalment of many future editions of ‘A View From The Decks’, focusing on different regions, synonymous with dance music.

You can watch the first instalment now on Flow Music’s YouTube Channel


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