Britta Arnold Takes Us On A Journey With Her Extended Set For Flow Sessions 051

Britta Arnold Is A DJ & Producer Of Organic House Whose Music Can Be Found On Record Labels Ranging From ‘KATERMUKKE’ To Her Own ‘Happy Camper Records’.

Between the Berlin grey and grey, you’ll sometimes find some fresh colours. A red bike, a girl with a unique style, in front of a wooden door. She opens it and shows you her home, her life, her studio.

A born and bred Berliner who never had to learn how to be one, Britta reflects the city in which she still calls home: a little edgy, a little down to earth and always filled with artistic ambition. Having once lived in a caravan with her cat ‘katuscha’ on the grounds of the Bar25, she takes this Happy Camper vibe with her into every space she enters, whether the club, the festival, the studio or a walk through her home town. With the support from her global electronic family pushing her in the right direction and a naughty box of tunes on her back, the future of this lady from outer space only goes from strength to strength. So get your space suit on and go intergalactic roaming with your best friends and lovers. Do it to the hypnotic and wired sound of Britta Arnold.

A message from the artist

“For me, the last month was a journey of ups and downs of emotion, and I am happy. I went through all the feelings and emotions, and I re-tuned myself to become more grateful for everything I have. My set reflects these emotions: it has powerful moments and some softer parts. We can only see the light when we acknowledge our shadows and accept all sides. I hope I will be able to play all these amazing tracks again out loud for you, and we can once again dance together. Much love Britta Arnold”

Britta Arnold

Soundcloud: @britta-1

Cover art: Jai Piccone


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