Charlotte De Witte Will Perform Exclusive Sets For A Virtual Metaverse

Sensorium Galaxy’s PRISM is a constantly changing environment which morphs as a response to sound frequencies.

Charlotte de Witte is the latest artist to join PRISM, which is part of a Metaverse made by Sensorium Galaxy. The Belgian DJ will provide exclusive performances in a virtual environment for music events.

The virtual word is a constantly changing environment which morphs as a response to sound frequencies. Others who have performed there include the likes of Eric Prydz and Carl Cox.

Talking about her collaboration with PRISM, Charlotte de Witte said: “Whether DJ’ing or producing, I am always searching for new ways to use my creativity and tap into deeper layers of emotion in electronic music. I want people to remember the experience after the lights go down. Working with Sensorium Galaxy is a great opportunity to deliver a completely new kind of show with the same passion I try to bring to all my IRL concerts.”

Sasha Tityanko is the Deputy CEO of Sensorium Galaxy, and talking about the project said: “PRISM is the ultimate destination for artists who are looking to take their music to the next level. Not only can they play their sets inside the virtual world, the surrounding environment itself is constantly changing based on the beats and tones of the music being heard.

“Charlotte’s distinctive brand of uncompromising and stripped-back techno is the perfect match for us in our goal of welcoming rising artists and creating out-of-this-world, immersive experiences for a wide variety of passionate music fans.”

Yann Pissenem is the co-creator of PRISM, and talking about Charlotte de Witte’s inclusion in the project, gave a statement saying: “Having Charlotte de Witte on board is an exciting addition to PRISM. Over the last few years she’s become a force to be reckoned with on the international stage, instantly recognisable for her unique sound and dynamic live performances.

“I’m looking forward to seeing what she brings to the virtual stage and how fans will respond to this new experience.”

Below is a teaser video for Charlotte de Witte’s PRISM shows, and you can find out more about Sensorium Galaxy HERE.

H/T: Mixmag


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