5000 People Were Caught Partying Illegally In Arizona

The gathering in Tonto National Forest attracted people from across the American state.

The weekend before last, an illegal party took place in the Tonto National Forest located in the desert state of Arizona.

Reports say the illegal party in America had over 5000 people in attendance and took place on the first weekend of April.

It’s alleged the numerous partygoers and campers travelled from different areas, and at the event, there were illegal fireworks and a shooting range.

Apparently, there were numerous law-breaking offences including a number of traffic violations such as driving over the speed limit and drink driving.

Two quad bikes were involved in a serious accident, and as a result, a helicopter had to be requested due to roads being blocked with illegally parked vehicles.

The illegal party was discovered on April 3rd by forest protection officials who were patrolling the recreation area at Lower Sycamore Creek.

H/T: Faze Mag


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