Faithless’ Sister Bliss Talks About Women In Music & The Box Sets She Has Been Watching In Lockdown

The UK electronic group are famed for hits such as “God Is A DJ”, and their new album, “All Blessed” is out now.

Faithless are famous across the world after releasing top-selling music for well over two decades.

On many occasions, their music has broken into top 40 sales charts, and they have done tours headlining festivals and other prestigious events.

The group is focused around core members Sister Bliss, Rollo and songwriter/rapper Maxi Jazz. Other contributors have included the likes of guitar player Dave Randall and vocalist Dido.

Some of their most iconic anthems include “Insomnia”, “God Is A DJ”, “Bombs” and “Become One” but there have been many other hits in their impressive back catalogue.

Most recently, they have dropped a new album “All Blessed”, and we caught up with leading member Sister Bliss to find out more about the release along with some other hot topics.

I want to start by saying how much of an honour it is to have you answer these questions. I’ve always wanted to ask which Faithless track is your personal favourite? 

Well, thank you! My personal favourite is the current single ‘I Need Someone’ from our new album ‘All Blessed’ it’s so emotive and feels so relevant to the times we are in right now.

It’s recently been International Women’s Day, and it would be great to hear your inside opinion of gender equality in today’s music industry compared to when you first started? 

It’s improving in the dance music world in terms of visibility for female DJs and producers, but there is still a very long way to go to reach parity.

You could count the successful female DJs on one hand when I started out, and thankfully, now there are certainly more visible female DJs on the scene – and there is definitely more noise being made about improving festival line ups to be more inclusive.

Yet, just being a woman is an obstacle to songwriting, and producing according to a recent report on inclusion (by USC Annenberg), and the higher up you go in the industry, the fewer women there are at the top echelons, and barely any BAME women. So change is long overdue.

These last few months we have all found ourselves spending a lot more time indoors, how have you been keeping yourself entertained without gigs or a dance floor? 

I do a radio show every week, Sister Bliss in Session which is syndicated all over the world, so that keeps me tuned in to upfront music, and I’ve been busy promoting the new Faithless album and writing music for various projects.

I have done a lot of reading and walking – it has been a way to manage the restrictions, my mental health and keep some basic fitness.

And of course, like everyone, I have trawled through many box sets on the long winter nights …

I also have a 14-year-old son who only recently went back to school, so that has kept me very busy indeed!

Linked to the previous question, can you recommend any good films or TV box sets?

There have been so many! I have just finished ‘Call My Agent’ which I loved and believed I could speak fluent French by the end of… 😉 and I adored Schitt’s Creek’s gentle humour.

A couple of films that really stood out for me was ‘Falling’ by Viggo Mortensen – very powerful and beautifully written – and the Small Axe series by Steve McQueen – an incredible soundtrack too.

You have made some of the most iconic dance tracks of our generation, what are the tracks from other artists that inspired you the most? 

Leftfield’s first album ‘Leftism’ was a huge influence – it was so musically rich, varied, dubby, with the most fantastic beats & melodies, and sounded as amazing on headphones as on the dancefloor.

I understand you have some new music coming out, and it would be great to learn more about those projects? 

We have some very cool remixes going out of Faithless tracks on the new album, which I’m hugely looking forward to playing out when (if) the summer festivals go ahead.

There have been many innovations over the last couple of decades, which do you think has had the biggest influence on your career? 

I think the synthesiser was (and still is) a huge influence on my career. It’s the instrument I write all our songs on and it’s what I play in the live band (four of them) and we even wrote a song called ‘Synthesizer’ on our new album ‘All Blessed’ as a homage to all that inspires us about electronic music.

It really is a universe of sound and potential contained in a keyboard – absolutely magical!

Also, the invention of the AKAI sampler was probably a defining moment for us – and for dance music – the layering of loops, beats and sounds from all kinds of sources was the backbone of our genre.

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions, is there a message to your fans, or anything else you would like to add before we finish?

We are so blessed to have such amazing fans who’ve supported our music – and in such tough times – so sending huge thanks for their appreciation.

Faithless ‘All Blessed’ is out now on BMG, and you can buy of stream the release HERE

Also, ‘I Need Someone’ (Blissy Funked Mix) is out on 26 March, and you can pre-order from  HERE


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