Wisna’s Top 5 Favourite Venues

We had a chat with Spanish techno wizard Wisna about his 5 favourite venues to play, from picturesque lakeside festivals to tiny rooms in Madrid, here’s what he had to say.


Cumbrecassing Festival


It is a free festival, which is celebrated in Extremadura in the west of Spain, the location is in the middle of nature, near a lake where you can see the sunset and the sunrise during the festival. It was a great experience to be able to participate in its latest edition.

Fame Festival


Also located in Extremadura, its located in a summer cinema, it is a closed campus but with no roof where you can appreciate the sky. I was able to act on impulse and the connection with the audience was incredible. Unfortunately the festival stopped running but I have very good memories of him.


It is one of the most important venues in Spain, located in Madrid, the influx of people is incomparable and if you manage to connect with them it is something extraordinary. I have had the opportunity to play there several times and I remember a special one that I enjoyed a lot playing on the terrace From the living room.

Sala Pirandello

It is small but the room is well equipped, I have very good memories of this place, where I could share good times with great artists and friends, it is located in downtown Madrid.


It is a small festival without a lot of budget, which has been growing little by little with the effort of the people. The crowd is very varied, you can find young people who start to go to their first events to adult people who like to enjoy music outdoors, the vibes are very good at this type of event.

Wisna is set to release his ‘Pressure Point’ EP on Fernanda Martins’ Devotion Records on 29/10. Pre-Order here.

Be sure to check out our premiere of ‘Pressure Point’ over on our SoundCloud page.


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