wAFF Talks Gaming, Acting & His Record Label ‘NATURE’

The UK artist is famed for being a core member of the Hot Creations’ crew.

wAFF is one of the world’s most accomplished electronic music artists.

Well-known for his tech house releases on labels like Hot Creations, Moon Harbour and Snatch!. He is a UK based artist who travels the world as a headline DJ playing everywhere from Miami to Ibiza.

Although best-known for his tech house style, wAFF has also released the occasional techno tracks or remixes on labels like Alan Fitzpatrick’s We Are The Brave.

Rcently, wAFF returned to his own record label NATURE, and we wanted to learn more about that news release plus some of his future plans for the imprint.

Excited to learn more, we invited him for this interview, and also asked some questions about his passions outside of music…

Hi wAFF, thanks for taking the time to talk with me today, what part of the world are you currently living in, and what’s the local club scene like at this time of year?

Well Hello There (In OBI-WAN KENOBI’S voice) I’m currently at home in London as I’m writing this, but by the time I think people will be reading this I will probably be in Ibiza.

Well ever since lockdown ended and covid suddenly disappeared, London has been popping off big time. It slowed down slightly now but for a good while it was non-stop parties and events. But to be honest, I don’t ever go out when I’m home, I prefer staying in as my life is always out so I couldn’t really tell you more on this ha.

I understand that music is only a small part of your creativity, is it true that you are also an aspiring actor, and what kind of acting are you most passionate about aka film, TV or theatre?

Well yes, that’s true, and to be honest, becoming a DJ / Producer wasn’t ever really the life path I had expected. I had always had my heart on acting mostly, although I did use to be a dancer many years ago and was at a performing arts college where I did Acting, dance and musical theatre which I absolutely loved.

But then one night my dance teacher took me out to a club to listen to house music and gave me half an ecstasy pill and that was it…life changed in one night. I became so obsessed with house music and the rave scene that I eventually quit all my performing arts colleges/schools and focused on making music, which a little later evolved into me becoming a DJ and yeah, things just took off from there!

But my dream is still to become an actor and yes it would be for film ideally, but I guess TV is just as big now so I’d love to be involved with any acting career to be honest. Even stage performing again would be amazing, I really miss that.

On the subject of acting, if your life story was being turned into a film, which actor would play you, and why?

Well, it would probably have to be Jack Black wouldn’t it ha! We look similar I guess… according to everyone I’ve ever met anyways haha. But he’s really silly and daft which is the same as me. He doesn’t take life too serious it seems and I’m exactly the same. I just try to have fun and laugh so yeah I think he would do a good job playing me.

Talking of your life story, it seems you found quick success after your first release on Hot Creations, and I wanted to ask if you have any new releases planned with that label?

At the moment there is nothing planned with Hot Creations, but yes, I am still very close with Jamie, Richy and the rest of the Hot Creations crew. They are like family to me, and I am making tons of new music, some of those are actually in the works specifically for Hot Creations, so sometime in the near future, I will be releasing on there again.

Your next release is coming via your own label NATURE, could you tell us a little about those tracks and their concept?

Well, my release is out right now, today is the launch of the second release which is named Mesmerized Ep. And this has been a really exciting release for me, I’m very happy and proud with the outcome of the ep, especially the main track Mesmerized. Mesmerized was a really fun and creative track to make, I knew when I made the beat it could really become something, but it wasn’t until my good friend Shyam P got on the Vocals and came up with that big vocal that just really works. It captures a really cool vibe and makes the track really stand out as something different and grabs your attention. So it all came together so well and yeah, I’m just very happy with it and the response from everyone has been really overwhelming. Everyone seems to love it, and many DJs are supporting it and playing it out every set which is just always great to see. So I cant wait to see how the track does in the next week or so.

But then I really love the rest of the EP too. My second favourite would be SummerZ as it just has a really bouncy rolling house groove and the final breakdown/drop just really really works on the dancefloor. I just really enjoy playing that record.

The third and fourth tracks are To The Floor which is just a cool different-sounding track which also goes off in a club, and the other Slut Drop is just a cool steady track, with some nice chords and atmospheric fx going on. I really enjoyed making that tune too.

How are things going with NATURE, is the imprint exclusively for your own tracks or are you accepting demos from other producers?

To be honest, I was confident in NATURE and what I had spent 2 years creating. I knew it was going to work and stand out, but I really wasn’t expecting it to be as successful as it has been so quick. I have only had 1 release out on the label up till this point, of course now the second has just dropped. With also doing the label on vinyl I really was quite anxious about how it would sell or even if it would sell, as I’ve never done vinyl before… in the sense that I’ve never put out my own records on vinyl, so it was uncertain times right before the release.

Pretty much everyone advised me to not do what I chose to do which was to do fully printed vinyl sleeves and coloured vinyl as it’s the most expensive way to do it, and selling vinyl can be very difficult and I would probably lose a lot of money and it wouldn’t be a success, but I told everyone to get fucked and that this was exactly what I was doing. This was my vision, I created this from nothing for over 2 years, and I spent countless hours every day just working on the concept and branding with my illustrator Joe Aston (BeingJoe) and my animator Adam Dampier, just back and forth, trial and error to really capture the right feeling and tone of what I felt was right. That took a very very long time to just get the name and the logo to look how it does, then the theme of the artwork, designing endless concept art for the art style direction took forever, then the music and the cost of everything to do all of this was very stressful, intense but completely exciting and a wonderfully creative experience.

I was truly confident in what I had created and my vision, so I just said that this is what I’m doing, and that’s it! Nobody questions me anymore about it or tries to advise me otherwise. So the first release happened and we basically sold out straight away, and to add on top of that, I actually reached number 2 in the Charts on Juno which I never expected, so I couldn’t have been happier. It’s been everything I could have hoped for and more, and everyone’s reaction and feedback on everything so far has been so positive so I’m just really hyped for the future.

I have many plans still for the future of NATURE which of course involves events and more. I have created the first 3 EP’s myself, and then starting from the 4th release it will be other artists that I’ve signed, and yes, I’m open to demos and new artists sending me music for the label.

On your Instagram page, I spotted that you have started reviewing games and movies, how much work goes into the production of those videos?

Ha well yea, during lockdown I just had so much free time, I didn’t want to just make music non-stop so I started to think about other things to put my time into. I’m really passionate about movies and gaming, I love it so I just thought it would be a good fun idea to start a YouTube channel and Twitch channel, and just do some videos for a laugh and see what happens, maybe something could come of it or even at the very least just a bit of fun and entertainment for myself and anyone else who takes an interest. It’s been a fun project, I really enjoy it. I want to create content every day, I really love it. I feel passionate about this whole YouTube thing now too ha

Which is great, but it just really does take a lot of time to make the videos, as the editing is just sooooooooo long! That’s the only part for me now that I struggle to put my time into as it is just very time-consuming, but I do enjoy editing so it’s okay, but just now with touring 3 days a week, then recovering and catching up on sleep and then also NATURE and other projects/commitments, it’s starting to became very difficult to focus on wAFF wORLD as I really would love to. But I am still managing to get a video or 2 out most weeks which is enough, but I want to do more ha! But I still have some big ideas going forward for my channel so again, it’s just the beginning of wAFF wORLD, I’m not going anywhere….yet

What are some of the games you have been playing recently, any recommendations?

Well, I’ve played every game haha… seriously though I have played most new games that have come out. I currently play mostly on PS5 but I do play a lot of PC games, and My favourite is Virtual Reality… I LOVE VR ha

But I played so far about 120 hours on Eldon Ring and still haven’t completed it, but I’m near the end now thank fuck ha. I Loved Cyberpunk when that came out, which I’ve completed twice already. I’m currently playing Horizon: Forbidden West which is amazing. The Last Of Us 2 I played not too long ago which is one of my favourite games ever, as well as God Of War and Red Dead Redemption 2. Also, I have to mention HALO… that’s my all-time favourite! But then I also absolutely love playing really intense Virtual Reality Horror games on my own at night so I completely shit myself. So I’m currently playing Alien Isolation in VR for the 3rd time and a really shit scary funny game called Phasmophobia.. that’s well funny but really scary. So yeah….shit loads ha

How’s your summer schedule looking, will you be spending much time in Ibiza this year?

INTENSE ha… I’m scared a little just how busy I am over the summer, especially in Ibiza yes. I have soo many shows there this year, I’m playing most parties it feels like. Music on, Paradise, Solid Grooves, Eastenderz, Octane, Ants, Repopulate Mars, and there is more.

Could you pick out two timeless house/techno tracks that we can include in the Flow playlist on Spotify?  

Here are some favourites that came to my mind. Some techno, house and liquid Drum & Bass…

Dario Zenker – Hassel
Blue Hour – Introspective II
Santos – Hold Home (is still a favourite of mine)
LTJ Bukem – Music (Technological Remix)
Dwayne Jensen – My People

Sorry I know that’s more than two, I got carried away haha

Thanks for taking the time to talk with me today, is there a message for fans or anything else you want to add before we finish?

Thanks for having me and just thanks for all the support on everything, especially recently with my label NATURE. I’m very grateful for everyone and for anyone who is interested and doesn’t know, my Records on NATURE are fully collectable limited edition vinyl so I only press a small amount each time, so once they are gone they are gone for good, I won’t ever be pressing them again, so if anyone’s interested in checking them out or getting yourself one, head to my bandcamp link which is in the description of my Instagram page and grab a copy. And for any geeks and nerds just like me who wanna geek out over movies and games, check out my wAFF wORLD YouTube channel 🙂 And that’s about it x

You can pick up a copy of wAFF’s new release on NATURE from HERE


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