The Blessed Madonna Is Recovering After A Respiratory Arrest

She stopped breathing due to complications during a low-risk surgery, but is now making a safe recovery.

The Blessed Madonna formally called The Black Madonna, is recovering at home after undergoing surgery a few days ago.

It was a respiratory procedure classed as “low risk” but had some complications that caused a respiratory arrest, which means she stopped breathing.

She shared the news via Instagram, and announced that she is now in a stable condition and has already left the hospital.

At only 44 years old, she is still in the prime of her life, and will hopefully make a full and swift recovery from the operation.

Here at Flow, we wish her all the best, and can’t wait until she is once again playing DJ sets to packed dance floors.

The statement in her Instagram post reads: “So, I debated whether to talk about this but I had a pretty low risk surgery last Thursday and I just…. stopped breathing.

“I woke up in ICU Uma Thurman/Pulp Fiction style while being nasally intubated and did not like it one bit. When I started talking again, a nurse was like, “Oh I know you! You have that song on the radio about things being marvellous.” It was a pretty marvellous moment.

“I’m fine. Legit fine. I’m out now. Home. I’m great. My health will improve enormously over the weeks and months to come. Watch this space! Science rules. I’m super stoked to be alive. I’m super grateful for healthcare. I haven’t always had it. I’m stoked to be here with all of you and for this amazing, fragile, awesome body. I’m grateful for my brilliant doctors and medicine and healing.

“And I’m grateful most of all for this heart that kept on going even when the rest of me stopped. Life is for living, yall!”


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