Sydney, Australia Can Reopen Nightclubs On November 8th

Venues across the state of New South Wales will open for those with proof of vaccination.

Sydney and the rest of the New South Wales state in Australia had some good news this week, as COVID-19 restrictions are now planned to be lifted earlier than expected.

The city of Sydney only recently came out of a 107-day lockdown and was originally expecting a full reopening of nightclubs and other nightlife on the 1st of December.

ABC News Australia announced yesterday that the New South Wales government have decided to push the full reopening date forwards to the 8th of November, but only for those who are vaccinated.

Moving the date forward is a result of the New South Wales state being scheduled to achieve a 95% vaccination target, which means no limit on visitors to a home, and no restrictions for outdoor gatherings with under 1,000 people. Entertainment venues with fixed seating can also open at full capacity, which is good news for both music and spectator sport.

Although this is good news for the majority of the population who are vaccinated and can finally hit the dance floor, it does come with some bad news for those who aren’t vaccinated. Nightclubs and other places that require vaccination proof will not be allowing unvaccinated people until the 15th of December unless 95% of the state is double vaccinated before then, as currently lots of people in New South Wales still just have a single jab.

The local government hopes the move will incentivise vaccination within the state, and encourage those who are vaccine-hesitant to get the injection.

H/T: ABC News Australia


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