Steve Aoki Has Teamed Up With Marvel

The DJ and comic book studio have launched a new clothing collection called ‘Venom vs. Carnage’.

Steve Aoki is a DJ who has earned global recognition for his EDM style.

With a huge international fan base, Steve Aoki is also something of a social media influencer who also heads up a fashion brand and record label both called Dim Mak.

Dim Mak has recently teamed up with Marvel Entertainment to launch a new collection called ‘Venom vs. Carnage’ which was released last week.

Marvel is the comic book creator behind heroes such as Spider-Man, and Venom also exists in the Marvel Universe as one of Spider-Man’s arch-nemesis. Carnage is another villain who features in the same line of stories.

The clothing collection blends Dim Mak’s punk-influenced visual aesthetic with imagery of the famed Marvel characters.

For those not already in the know, Venom is a sentient alien symbiote that bonds with a human called Eddie Brock who benefits from newfound powers, but he is caught in a moral dilemma of what to do with them. Often, he wants to be good, but consistently finds himself doing evil.

Carnage is another character who is spawned from the symbiote who created Venom, but this one merges with a human serial killer who wants to do nothing but kill and destroy.

Venom decides to try and put a stop to Carnage’s rampaging, but has to call upon the help of Spider-Man, who has no choice other than to agree due to the destruction being caused by Venom.

Steve Aoki says that the storyline of the comics and forthcoming movie ‘Let There Be Carnage’ inspired the concept of the clothing line. Speaking about his inspiration, Steve Aoki said: “Everyone has a dark side, and Venom truly represents the paradigm of overcoming one’s inner-demons. When you can put your struggles aside for the betterment of others, you are a hero.”

Included in the six-piece ‘Venom vs. Carnage’ collection are t-shirts in black and gradient tie-dye, with hoodies in slime green and blood red also.

You can see the full collection and purchase the official items from HERE.


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