Solomun Remixes ÄTNA’s Track ‘Smile’

The release is out now on Humming Rec.

Solomun is an electronic music icon who has headlined events across the globe, plus released on record labels ranging from Diynamic to Stil Vor Talent.

Following the release of their second studio album “Push Life“ – ÄTNA release a remix of their album track “Smile” by techno and producer legend Solomun – a dark and electrifying techno track in which both artists continue their successful collaboration, following “Tuk Tuk“ taken from Solomun’s record “Nobody Is Not Loved“.

In the original version of “Smile”, ÄTNA break new ground and escape to a place between dream and disturbance, where a fleeting smile distorts space and time. Echoes from the future become déjà vu. “Smile“ is a scintillatingly bizarre and sumptuous track moulded in ÄTNA’s fresh inimitable style. For Solomun, music isn’t just a tool to make people dance. Music is as diverse as life itseelf: many different shades, moments, and memories to be made. Music triggers emotions and vice versa, and this sort of interrelation – with Solomun representing the music and the audience emotions – is what casts the spell around his performances.

Last year, Solomun and ÄTNA already collaborated very successfully on Solomun’s hit banger “Tuk Tuk“, championed by Pete Tong on BBC Radio 1, accompanied by a exhilarating official video. The track got playlisted on nationwide radio throughout Europe including daytime radio playlists in Germany, the UK, France and Poland.

„When I heard the vocals on “Smile“ I immediately felt inspired to make a remix of it.“, says Solomun, while Inéz and Demian from ÄTNA add in a statement „Solomun’s sound is so unique and recognizable. However, with his remix of our beloved “Smile“ he surprised us with a faster rougher version of himself. We are totally in love!“

ÄTNA recently released their second studio album „Push Life“. “Push Life” is new, strange in the best of all senses, surprising, brave, danceable, playful, contradictory, multi-leafed and detailed, challenging, sensual, accessible and rewarding for all who embark on the journey of discovery. With their debut album “Made By Desire” (released in 2020), it was already clear: ÄTNA create anything but norm pop. Instead, more artful stimulation. ÄTNA introduced themselves as avant-garde sounding artists with a strong grasp of catchy hooks and driving rhythms to a growing fanbase in Germany, as well as the UK and Eastern Europe. After features with Solomun and MEUTE earlier this year, there was no longer any doubt about their versatility. Their style is indefinable, their stage presence immense, their creativity boundless: ÄTNA have achieved what many consider impossible in these times. From the underground to one of the most sought-after live acts in Europe and, at the same time, one of the most innovative new electronic music projects.

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