Solomun Drops His New Track ‘The Center Will Not Hold’ on NINL

The release is taken from his forthcoming album ‘Nobody Is Not Loved’.

For Solomun, music isn’t just a tool to make people dance. Music is as diverse as life itself: many different shades, moments, and memories to be made.

After ‘Home’, ‘Kreatur der Nacht’ and ‘Tuk Tuk feat. ÄTNA’; Solomun is back with another huge single from his highly anticipated sophomore album ‘Nobody Is Not Loved’; his first in over a decade.

In this fourth single release, ‘The Center Will Not Hold’ Solomun brings forward an atmospheric soundscape; easing in gently with trickling arpeggios and soft analog synth riffs.

Steady grooves carry you through as orchestral strings fill the space lifting you up and leaving you floating for a moment; only to transport you straight into the club, dancing the night away.

Solid grooves with increasing intensity on this track, only upping the excitement for the full album, not to mention the opening of clubs in summer 2021 and beyond.

You can pick up a copy HERE


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