Prospa Step Outside the Box for BRONSON Remix on Ninja Tune

Available In Stores 29 January 2021

Prospa have broken into the electronic arena at a juggernaut pace, further backed by their first release of the year that marks their Ninja Tune debut.

The outfit was selected to re-work BRONSON’s “KNOW ME”, which they twisted into a gritty, yet elegant piece that leaves us fantasizing about hearing it on a proper soundsystem.

Where “KNOW ME” carries a buoyant, ethereal signature, Prospa bring it back down to earth in their interpretation with a hefty low end whose bassline and percussive accents shake the eardrums. Off-kilter rhythms and sound effects, paired with Gallant’s heavily chopped vocals, tie the piece together and lend a left field touch to the finished product. It’s certainly a change of pace from the euphoria-imbued “rave” sonics we’ve come to know from Prospa—but nonetheless polished.

“KNOW ME (Prospa Remix)” comes just off the tip of their Domino debut, in which they remixed Georgia’s “Never Let You Go.” Class music isn’t the only legacy the pair are building, however; they’ve also continued to grow their label Rave Science through the past year, and stood out among the ubiquity of livestreaming with their “Virtual Warehouse” concept, which employed 360 degree visuals alongside their live stream performances.

Prospa were joined by HAAi, Patrick Topping, obli, and Hayden James in taking on BRONSON, with the collective package aptly dubbed ‘Remixes Nº2.’ The prior ‘Remixes Nº1’ included works from Skream, O’Flynn, OFFAIAH, and more.



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