Pretty Pink Talks Pets, Fitness & Her New EP

The multi-skilled German artist is well known for her DJ sets and releases on labels such as Anjunabeats.

Pretty Pink is a prolific DJ and producer who is known for her melodic house tracks with epic atmosphere and uplifting synth lines.

Having risen to the top of the club scene in her native Germany she also receives regular international DJ bookings in places ranging from Paris to London.

Also, a talented producer, Pretty Pink has released music on scene leading record labels such as Anjunabeats, but also runs her own labels Wanderlust and Deep Woods.

Her most recent release in an EP called “Dark Woods” on her own label Deep Wood, and we caught up with her to find out more about the new release, plus her passions outside of music…

Hi, it’s great to be talking with you today. What part of the world are you currently living in, and are there any COVID restrictions still in place?

I live in Europe, or more precisely in Germany, in the city of Leipzig. At the moment we have relatively few restrictions here, due to the current low case numbers. However, cultural events and venues are still restricted or have limitations on their activities. Nevertheless, I hope for the best for the coming months, and that we can all get through the autumn and into the winter in good health.

I understand you are a passionate dog owner, did having a pet help you through the tough times of lockdown, and what’s the name plus breed of your dog?

That’s right, I love dogs more than almost anything and especially my own dog, Mimi. She is a Bolonka Zwetna and is so friendly, open-minded, playful, intelligent, loyal and well-balanced. Mimi has accompanied me faithfully through the pandemic, and she got a little spoiled by me being around her all the time 🙂

Having a dog must help you keep quite active… do you and the dog go out on runs together, as I’m told you used to compete as an athlete?

Besides music, I do a lot of sport, so it is, of course, wonderful that I can spend a lot of time outdoors with her, for example running or working out in the park, if the weather is nice. And actually, I used to be a high-performance athlete, so I actually need exercise every day to feel well balanced. And that, of course, also benefits my dog.

What sports did you compete in, and do you still have a regular workout routine or strict dieting plan that you follow for fitness reasons?

At that time, I was a competitive athlete in track and field. The classic disciplines like running and long-distance. I have kept my love for sports and do regular sports sessions to stay fit. In disciplined times, this also goes hand in hand with healthy nutrition, but I also have a cheat day every now and then.

How much do you think healthy diet links with creativity, and do you have any tips for overcoming writer’s block when working on new music?

In this case, I can really only speak for myself: I generally feel more balanced, and more creative when I have a balanced and healthy diet. I have a higher level of energy and creativity which I can use to work better in the studio. At the end of the day, it’s more about a moderate approach to unhealthy things, rather than a very strict diet, because life should still be fun. If I don’t get on with a production in the studio, then I do sport or other creative things.

Talking of new music, I understand you have an EP recently out… could you tell us more about the project, and what inspired it?

I have finished a selection of very club-ready and energetic productions. I will release them as part of a project called “Dark Woods” that’s divided into three individual packages on my own label Deep Woods between now and December. The first part is currently out and I am very happy about the feedback. I just had the opportunity to play the tracks during my gigs in the USA and I still get goosebumps when I think about it.

I see one of the latest releases called Talvi (Deeper) features Fractures, so I wanted to ask how you know him, and what impact he had on the EP?

The track already existed in a similar form as an instrumental, which already worked very well when I’ve played it in the club. We then came up with the idea of recording a vocal version and got into conversation with him. When I heard the first demos, I was immediately convinced about the collaboration, and together we got a wonderful track off the ground. 

Talking of labels, how important do you think sleeve art is for a release?

Before music, I studied graphic design and audiovisual media, and have been doing my own artworks for my two record labels since their beginning. I think that graphic design and the artwork of a release has a special significance. At the end of the day, it reflects the spirit of the music, and I am incredibly happy that I have the opportunities and skills to do this for myself. Doing my own artwork gives me even more room for expression, and the freedom to give my creativity free rein. 

Thanks for talking with us today, is there a message for fans or anything else you would like to add before we finish?

I wish everyone a healthy and prosperous future. Let’s all work together so that the electronic music scene can blossom again, as much or even more than before the pandemic!

You can pick up a copy of Pretty Pink’s new release ‘Dark Woods’ from HERE



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