Polish Play Pays Homage To Country’s Techno Scene

Techno Rzeczpospolita is a stage show based on the book ‘30 Years Of Polish Techno’.

‘Techno Rzeczpospolita’ translates to ‘Techno Republic’, and is a new play coming to theatres in Poland.

The play takes its main inspiration from a 2020 book called 30 Years Of Polish Techno, which has over 800 pages of photojournalism documenting the history of the country’s electronic music scene.

It’s a book put together by Artur Wojtczak, Radek Tereszczuk and Łukasz Krajewski who are all veteran ravers with close ties to the Polish club scene.

Magda Koryntczyk is the playwriter who adapted the book for the stage, and talking about her work, she said: “The work of a DJ and a playwright are essentially similar,” then continued: “A good set has a good drama, just like a theatrical performance. I didn’t know that the graduation performance Techno Republic would be something so much more than a diploma for students, that people would dance at it, cry, come up after and say ‘this is my life, thank you.'”

September 16th was when the play was first premiered, but there are more performances already scheduled for October and November.

Its debut performance was by students from the Wrocław branch of Kraków’s St. Wyspianski Academy Of Theatre Arts.

Tickets for future performances are available from HERE



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