Phonique | Flow Podcast 36

He is a Berlin based DJ and producer whose melodic style blends organic textures and compelling synth lines.

Phonique is a regular performer at venues such as Berlin’s Watergate, he has also travelled to play gigs in other parts of the world ranging from Brazil to Russia.

More than just a DJ, Phonique is also a talented producer known for his many releases on Bar 25 Music, Stil Vor Talent and KATERMUKKE.

Recently he collaborated with the Fairplay duo for a release on Kindisch titled the “Petra EP”, and Phonique has recorded an exclusive podcast for Flow Music linked to that.

In addition to the exclusive podcast, he also took the time to run through a few questions…

Thanks for recording us a podcast, could you describe the vibe/energy were you trying to capture with your track selection?

Hey, thanks for having me on. I did this podcast to go alongside my collaborative release with Fairplay on Kindisch, so decided to put together a full-on organic house mix that matched the style of the EP. It’s very much in line with what gets played on a Sunday evening at Bar 25 or Kater Blau in Berlin, I guess it’s also what I would expect from a burning man session.

What’s your favourite track in the mix, and did you play any of your own music?

I included Mario Bianco’s unofficial remix of a classic track called “Moments in Love” by Art of Noise, as it puts the original version in the perfect modern context. I also included the title track from our Kindisch EP which is called “Mirage”.

Talking of your own tracks, what’s new in your release schedule, as we would love to know more about your new music?

I’ve been working on so much music this last year during the lockdowns, and have recently put out releases on Stil vor Talent and Bar25 Music plus lots of remix works. I started this year with two remixes for June Coco, and then the EP on Kindisch. I’m now working on more remixes plus another EP for Bar25. I also did a remix for Brazilian icon Rita Lee, which is about to get released.

What do you think would be the perfect setting for someone to listen to your mix, and why do you think that would be the best place?

My mix is very moody and chilled, so I would listen to it somewhere in nature, while being with a person I feel connected with. I think the mix will put people in a special and mystic mood as its vibe is inspired by meditation.

Who is your personal favourite DJ, and how have they influenced your own style?

There are a few DJs I love, and all for different reasons. I love Mira & Chris Schwarzwälder for their selection and flowing vibe that goes for hours without getting boring, but I also enjoy the disco influenced style of house by Claptone.

Do you have a message for your fans or anything else you want to add? 

Stay strong and hopefully we will all meet again soon on the dance floor!

You can pick up a copy of Phonique and Fairplay’s new release on Kindisch from HERE


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