Petition Launched To Save London’s Printworks

The UK based nightclub is under proposal to be developed into office space.

Clubbers in London are petitioning the closure of the Printworks venue after plans have emerged that suggest the building could be converted into office space.

The venue was recently used to film scenes in the new Batman Movie and each weekend hosts crowds of around 5,000 people who pay to see some of the world’s most popular DJs.

An application that was submitted to the City of London shows that the Printworks venue was originally intended to be a temporary event space for a period of five years, then the location would later be redeveloped for other uses. 2016 is when that proposal was submitted, which means a new agreement needs to be put in place if the venue plans to continue or become permanent.

People arguing the case for Printworks to remain open have pointed out that there is already a lot of office space available in that area, and with more people working from home after the pandemic, is there still a need for extra office space?

The venue has attracted music fans from across the world so it’s no surprise that people from all over the world have been showing their support on the venue’s social media pages.

Clubbers from all across the UK have been signing the petition, and organisers have also encouraged people to contact government and building officials to show support for Printworks staying open.

There is also a reference number that gives supporters access to the planning, design, and other documents related to the development proposal they are contesting.


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