Mononoid: What’s In Your Box

Much loved for the their past releases on Lost & Found, microCastle, Einmusika and Traum, Mononoid shares their current Top 10 faves on the cusp of a new EP for ICONYC.

1. SQL – Dimebag Jams (Steve Ward Remix) – Gem Records

Techno, Tech House, Acid House all combined into one track. Steve shows that there are no limits. What a monster tune. The break is just kick ass. When the chord sees the light, you think oh my god, this is wicked. You better be aware when that drop kicks in. Outstanding. We have been playing this one for quite a while now and it without a doubt a highlight in our sets.

2. Mihai Popoviciu – Fiction (Original Mix) – Poker Flat Recordings

Magnificent. When we play this creation, a smile always appears on our faces and we dream of a beach somewhere in the Mediterranean. The synth theme is so uplifting and wonderfully played. The groove kicks ass as well. When the theme melody drops sit back and watch the club go into overdrive. Outstanding production. A lesson in how simplicity is used at its best.

3. Several Defintions & Marc DePulse – Sharks (Jerome Ismae Remix) – JEAHMON!

Dreamy but still powerful. What a wicked melody Jerome delivers: The arp synth is so catchy, that it makes you want to kiss the sky. We are a big fan of Jerome’s work for a very long time already. This is another Ismae masterpiece.

4. Mononoid – Kronstadt – ICONYC

This one is a great example of how percussion can make a killer groove. Dreamy pads and a funky rhythm section in combination with a strong baseline creates smiles on people’s faces. It’s a combination of tight beats with melancholic parts. Very excited to see this released soon. Out July 9th, 2018 on ICONYC.

5. Matthias Schuell – Scarabaeus (Niconé Remix) – Dantze

Ow Ow. This one was just released but we had the privilege to receive it some time ago and we have been playing it in our sets ever since. The editing of the theme synth is stunning. Filter and cut off time all the way. The funky drum snare before the drop also works like hell and the synth in the drop makes you want to cry. Such a well-arranged track. We have been liking Nicone’s creations for a such long time and this track just proves why!

6. Quivver – Lights Down (Part 1) – Selador Recordings

If you really want to make people jump, then this one is a must. Techno in its purest form. Straight forward beats and a baseline that breaks walls. The vocal sample really make the tune. Quivver always delivers top-notch dance floor tunes. Go and check it out.

7. Denis Horvat – Paradon – Exit Strategy

We love the wonderful drums and straight forward bass, as well as the synth element in this crowd mover. The theme synth is floating through the whole track without ever getting boring. This is one of the tunes when you hear it for the first time you immediately feel the positive vibe and when you listen closely you can hear all the little intricate edits. Great job Denis.

8. Woo York – Hypernova – Afterlife Records

A massive floor filler. The groove grabs you from the word go and won’t let go again. We love the kind of Psy feeling combined with the real Techno influenced groove elements. The acid 808 is really doing its job. A real banger in our book.

9. Chris Fortier & Andromo – The Why Reasons (Moon Mix) – Culprit

This tune is all about simplicity. The wonderful arp is the element that grabs you. The drum parts are edited smoothly but are still tight with a cool vibe. Great track that works great in beach club, seven o’clock in the morning or as a warm up tune.

10. Freakme – Moyo – Lost On You Music

If you love Deep House with a crazy groove then this is the one for you. We are not too fond of vocals or vocal samples but on this occasion, they fit really well. The piano melody is just something else, it takes you thru a range of emotions, which in combination with the mid bass makes you want to dance your socks off to this one.

‘Box Forest’ is out now on ICONYC, you can purchase the release: here


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