Miss Monique Drops New Single ‘Biosphère’

The track is out now via Cercle Records.

Miss Monique is a talented DJ and producer at the forefront of the progressive house genre.

Miss Monique’s new track “Biosphère”, which premiered during her Cercle show in Montréal on October 3, has just been released on Cercle Records….


While producing the track, Miss Monique felt that the location of Montreal Biosphère was truly unique with a powerful energy, and this became her inspiration to compose “Biosphere”. She explained that it took a long time to find exactly the sound of the melody that would be associated with the environment, life, water and the preservation of all these important thing to us – people. Miss Monique gives a very well-chosen mix of her favorite genres: techno, progressive house and acid vibes.« Biosphère » was produced with an aerial vibe creating a feeling of tension and deepness that flows with the surrounding environment.

Today, Miss Monique is among the world’s fastest-rising Progressive House DJs, and probably the genre’s most recognized female DJ in Europe. Unlike many other popular DJs today who made their name producing rather than mixing, she rose to fame by bringing the old school back with her unprecedented conversion of classic radio mixes into YouTube podcasts. Year after year, Miss Monique’s unique talent of smoothly melting techno rhythms with classic trance and progressive tunes gets highly praised by an ever-growing number of electronic music aficionados. By 2020, her live sets were already gathering thousands of progressive house addicts online, with recorded streams reaching up to 2 million views.

After breathtaking live streams, Cercle has launched the Cercle Records label signing with talented and worldwide artists. The French label is dedicated to promoting artists and venues with an exceptional production. Cercle Record’s goal is to raise awareness around art, cultural heritage sites and great sceneries through a unique music journey. The year 2022 marks the launch of a new concept for the label: exclusive in-person parties which will not be streamed. To have the chance to live these special episodes, it is necessary to go on the unique spots finely selected following the Cercle and Cercle Records’ DNA.

You can pick up a copy from HERE.


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