Mint Warehouse residents run online course for budding DJs

Mint Warehouse is a pillar in the North of England’s club scene, and its resident DJs are running a course to share their skills with people from around the world.

Mint Warehouse in Leeds is one of the UK’s most prestigious clubs, and regularly plays hosts to DJs ranging from Sasha to Ricardo Villalobos.

On the 6th of March the venue in the North of England will run a series of online music courses including Ableton Live tuition, DJ lessons and general mentoring.

There are both one-to-one tuition and also group sessions. Each course includes four hours of classes in addition to two 90-minute, personal lessons.

Anyone wishing to attend the course will be charged a £150 fee to secure one of the limited spaces, but some spaces will be reserved for those who cannot afford the fee.

The course is led by Bobby O’Donnell and Annie Errez, who have both been Mint residents for over 14 years, and they will lead the project under the title of Apparatus Music.

For now, the courses are online only, but workshops at the Mint Warehouse venue are planned for when COVID-19 regulations are relaxed enough to safely allow it.

Annie Errez has said that the classes will be “a great opportunity to make good use of the space and facilities while it’s currently out of action for regular events.”

It’s good to see innovative initiatives like this one, as it helps venues and DJs survive financially through these tough times of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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