Milo Häfliger Provides Flow Sessions with A Heart-Warming Set Of Melodic House

The talented Swiss artist has a love of shimmering synths and majestic melodies.

Milo’s stunning musical narratives have been felt across the world from Miami to Mumbai, and virtually everywhere in between.

The music of Milo Häfliger aims to bring audiences together through beautiful stories and strong messages. It is a journey that invites listeners to question the world around them, bringing all together through the essential human values of sharing, meeting, and discovery. A singular artist in approach and execution, Milo Häfliger’s star is very much on the ascent. With a dedicated and engaged fan base, prolific tour schedule, shining smile, and a few upcoming surprises, Milo Häfliger is able to offer something beyond simple sounds– a chance for free expression and an intimate connection with the core being inside us all.

A message from the artist

It has been more than six months since I’ve had the last chance to play some music in front of a crowd. I tried to put all of my hope, my love & dedication as well as my anger into this DJ mix. This journey reflects what I would be playing in the morning hours at a club such as KaterBlau and some melancholic-melodic moments to just make you fly away. I tried to create a mixture of old classics and new tracks – and even three of my upcoming releases. I really hope you resonate with it as much I did. – Love, Milo

Milo Häfliger

Cover Art – Jai Piccone


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