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Mike Rish Provides 333 Sessions With An Epic Mix Of Progressive House

Based in Melbourne, the talented DJ and producer is soon to drop on EP on Flow Music’s record label.

Mike Rish is a Melbourne based DJ and producer who has a progressive house style that blends immersive synth lines and crisp percussion to create uplifting music full of emotion.

A regular DJ performer at clubs and festivals in Australia, he has a strong local fanbase, and has picked up international recognition via his releases on labels such as UGENIUS Music, Late Night Music and Juicebox Music.

Most recently, he dropped his ‘Beyond’ EP on GMJ & Matter’s label Meanwhile Recordings, and already it’s charted as the 5th best selling release on Beatport.

We are excited to have this exclusive 3 hour and 33 minute DJ set from Mike Rish, who is also scheduled to drop an EP on Flow Music’s record label in 2022.

A message from the artist: “When I was asked to create a 333 mix, I was pretty damn excited. I was on the fence a bit with how I wanted to approach the mix, but after some consideration I decided to do a mix of all my own music be it originals, remixes or edits… I did question myself a lot about wether or not it was indulging in vanity too much and if I could actually make the mix work.. I have the volume in music, but maybe I didn’t have the broad range of stuff that one uses in a 3+ hour mix. I ended up making 6 or 7 new tracks for this mix to bridge the gaps that I felt I may have had in building this mix and ultimately I’m happy with how it turned out. I’m not very good at talking about myself or my music as I myself am not really sure where all the ideas come from, but I hope that it can provide some escapism for a few hours… that’s why I make music, it takes me away from reality to a place where I can create my own little world in my head.”

You can pick up a copy of Mike Rish’s new ‘Beyond’ EP on Meanwhile Recordings from HERE.


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