Lost Desert Enchants With A Majestic House Set For Flow Sessions

Based in Belgium, the ‘All Day I Dream’ artist is a talented DJ and accomplished producer.

Lost Desert Is a core member of the All Day I Dream family.

Lost Desert is a Belgian artist who has a deep and ethereal take on melodic house with heart warming melodies and uplifting atmosphere.

Along with his many solo achievements, he is also a regular collaborator with Lee Burridge and together in 2019 they released an album called ‘Melt’. That release came out on All Day I Dream, which is an imprint he frequents regularly, but his solo tracks can also be found on the likes of Shanti Radio Moscow and Souksonic.

Way more than just a producer, Lost Desert is also a talented DJ whose skills behind the decks are what inspire his productions, as he knows what works on the dance floor.

Most recently, Lost Desert dropped his new track “Moon By Day” on All Day I Dream’s Summer Sampler 2021 compilation, and that track is a collaboration with both Hermanez and Simon Vuarambon.

We are truly honoured to have this exclusive and extended DJ set from Lost Desert who also took the time to answer a few interview questions…

Hi Patrick, thanks for taking the time to talk with us today! How did you find putting together a 3.33hour mix, and what type of vibe/energy were you trying to capture? 

Hi, thanks for having me on your show, as I’m traveling at this time, I had to make the mix in Ableton. I included some unreleased tracks from All Day I Dream and Souksonic, starting off with a downtempo track from Hermanez called “Muskitam.” Further into the mix we pick up the pace with some undiscovered floor fillers.

As Lost Desert, I do not want to stick to one vibe or genre—something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue!

At what age did you first find your love for electronic music, and when did you start DJing/producing music?

Oh that’s a long time ago! Somewhere in the ’80s with some new wave; that was a cross between analog synths, drum machines and original vocals. Bands like Depeche Mode, Human League, Gary Newman and Wally Badaru come to mind. My first paid gig was in 1991 in a small cafe in Antwerp. About a decade later, I took my first steps in producing music.

You and Lee Burridge share a longstanding partnership in the studio, from 2016’s hit “Lingala,” to your Melt album, to the recent “Loopy Jazz.” We know you handle most of the technical stuff, but outside of that, what have you learned about yourself and music arrangement after working so much in the studio with him? 

Lee may not always be next to me in the studio, but these days he can be on the other side of the world and still be close and influential. I think the All Day I Dream blueprint was there when I met Lee. I learned most from hearing and seeing Lee play, his energy, music knowledge and when he needed patience

What is one track that never gets old for you no matter how many times you hear/play it?

I can only name one! Kettencaroussell –  “Maybe”

The music industry was hit hard this past 1.5 years. In what ways have you adapted as an artist to keep afloat, and will you carry these new skills with you as the world returns to normalcy?

If patience is a skill, I would love to take that where and when I can. If not, it would be making podcasts

When it comes to collaboration, it feels like you almost prefer making tracks with other artists vs solo work—even your recent All Day I Dream ‘Summer Sampler’ contribution was made with two others. This a rare thing to see these days in electronic music culture. Can you tell us more about your experience with collaboration, and why this format is more attractive to you than a standard solo track?

However fun it might be working alone in the studio, having 2 or 3 minds working together can be very inspiring—and it’s never been more easy to do with today’s technology. Also, I can’t sing at all, so I’m blessed to have people like Junior Akwety, Adomas and Reigan to work with. Of course, let’s not forget the social media side of music these days. But i promise to have some solo work out next year, in fact, you can hear some in the mix!

Give us your keys to longevity as an underground electronic artist. 

Be yourself, let other artists inspire but don’t be a copycat, look and listen to the past and find your future, and keep in mind that those who always follow will never be win

Where did you play your first gig, and how did it go?

My first international Lost Desert gig was with Deep House Bucharest in 2016. I remember the people singing Lingala and I was in shock!

Who is the Lost Desert outside of music? What other hobbies and interests do you have, or fun facts about you to share?

Music is truly my life; I don’t think there is a day without it. I might go to a live performance or festival with some rock bands a few times a year, but I’m not in to movies at all, and I think video games are a waste of time. I do like to go out on an electric dirt bike renting a Sur Ron–that’s fun! I also love working in the little family forest with my dad. My biggest hobby however is cooking; I can spend a day in the kitchen preparing food for friends and family

Any final thoughts you have before we end this discussion? 

Yeah, I want to thank the fans, the daydreamers who keep us sane and alive, and those who give us hope and positive energy—like you!

You can buy Lost Desert’s new track ‘Moon By Day’ on All Day I Dream from HERE


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