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GiZ Talks About Music, Life And COVID Times

“Together we’re stronger!”

A big smile that captivates a joyfully swaying crowd, GiZ holds you by the hand as she leads you to a journey into a melodic jungle with bass banging roots.

We are honoured to have GiZ provide an extended mix for Flow Sessions, and she was kind enough to tell us more about her mix in this interview…

What are your favourite tracks on this set, or particular phrase/transition, that we should keep an ear open for?

I absolutely love the groovy opening 🙂

You have developed somewhat of a reputation in the Berlin scene as having a very distinct sound with an impeccable ear as a selector. How would you describe your style, and what makes you unique in your point of view?

Describing my style in terms of genres is not easy, as I don’t feel bound by genres at all… My focus is on feelings and moods.

I know myself really well (as in having an identity), which means I know very well what I could imagine playing, and what I would never ever play. The rest is really about what I am feeling, what I’d like to make people feel, and what kind of musical experience I’d like to give them… All free from genres and boxes, but feeling focused. I connect with people, then the journey unfolds.

Our Flow crew were highly impressed after catching you on the European summer festival circuits in the last couple of years, inc. a standout Friday night gig at Garbicz Juicy Bar (in 2019). What was your favourite/most memorable gig before the pandemic? And since?

Thank you! You folks caught one of my favourite gigs for sure <3 That Garbicz gig was definitely one for the books, and yes, I think it got me kinda ‘famous’. Everywhere I go around the world, people talk to me about that set! Besides this, I had played many other special gigs, where remembering them gives me a big smile every time… Some in my favourite Berlin clubs (that city never disappoints) and some in other countries like Israel, Chile, Brasil, Portugal, The Netherlands… It’s always so nice to travel for gigs, as I’m always welcomed by great people, and have made some great friends on those trips.

The most memorable gig after the pandemic, for sure, is my Garbicz 2020 set. So much smaller in size, but still firesome!

How much do you miss being on the road, and out in the dusty places of the world? Do you already have some touring plans for this year?

So much! You know when you feel something so much over a lengthy period of time that it kinda gets numb? This sort of ‘longing’ is somewhere inside of me…

This summer I’m booked to play in Egypt, Switzerland, Poland… Right now no-one knows what will be possible by then, but we saved the dates, and are staying hopeful 🙂

Where do you dream of going to perform one day?

I don’t have that one big dream venue or place, but I would like to perform in all continents, and far away places like Japan, Russia, India, Canada, Australia… So far I’ve only played in 3 continents.

Have you ever been to Australia? What is your impression of the scene there?

I’ve never actually been, but I’m super curious about the country, plus its gorgeous nature, people, and music scene…

You posted on social media recently about completing a mental health first aid training course. What prompted this move, and what has been your perception of mental health in the scene over the last year?

How our lives have been turned upside down ever since last March and the time following has been not been the easiest… I know this from my own experience, and from many others around me. For me, music is all about being with like-minded people, and therefore going from such a busy gig and travel schedule to isolation, was a massive shock to me. At first, I found it really hard to cope… from such human flow to isolation. From such a fast pace to stopping still!

In those times, I found immense support from the community and started thinking of how I could give something back. Combining this with my big interest in human psychology, I decided to do that training, and now I make myself available for anyone who is in need of mental/emotional support. Because no-one out there should stay without support in tough times, and because together we are stronger!

Has it been difficult for you to stay centred, motivated, creative at this time? How do/did you deal?

I would say so yes, but some periods better than others… what works best for me is self-care through movement/working out, eating healthy, and sticking to a routine. I surround myself with people who I feel enrich the human experience with love, care and inspiration. I also realised cold showers and jumping are absolute game changers haha, recommended!

What has your experience been like in this scene as a young female artist?

Mostly very pleasant actually! Everywhere I go, I feel I am treated with respect and appreciation…

There have been just a handful of times when I experienced things to be otherwise. Like one time when I got approached by a man after a really nice gig, who said to me: “Hey Giz, thanks a lot for the set. I didn’t know a girl like you could play like this“. I think it was meant as a compliment,  but his reference to my gender and physical appearance, and apparent surprise that I played well and rocked the floor, unfortunately, was not free of prejudices.

Who are some of the women in the industry that you personally look up to or feel inspired by?

The Black Madonna, who is now known as The Blessed Madonna!

Who is one of the most exciting and talented newcomers you have come across lately?

I really like what Menachem 26 does…

What was your motivation to say yes to the Flow Sessions?

A lovely and super professional crew, doing the whole project with immense love and care… then, of course, the fun challenge to record such a long mix 🙂

Your mix got posted on International Women’s Day, is there anything else you would like to add?

In previous years on International Women’s Day I was on the decks celebrating ‘womanhood’ with big crowds… This year is truly nostalgic missing those times! The last pre-COVID gig I played last year was on the 8th of March 2020 at KaterBlau where we celebrated the day with a women-only lineup. The week after that life stopped, and all clubs in Berlin shut down… Ever since life has been ups and downs, then ups again, then downs again and ups some more 🙂 This mix ended up going in a similar wave! I didn’t really plan it to flow that way, but I think it’s greatly representative of the past months–from mood to mood, without being bound by genres or such!” – Love, GiZ


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