Flow Sessions 020 – Bhakti

Flow Sessions welcomes Byron Bay’s Bhakti whose blend of live flute and harmonica played over a masterful assembly of melodic house & techno give him a truly unique style.

Flow Sessions strives to support musicians, producers and DJ’s in good times and bad. With this is mind we have commissioned DJs around the world to contribute mixes to our new series ‘Flow sessions’. We thought it would be appropriate to show some support for our future performers now when it’s needed most.

A message from the artist

“This is a journey into melody and feelings. I recently became a grandfather and the ebb and flow of this set is akin to the ebb and flow of our lives, sometimes deep and dark and sometimes pure spine tingling nectar. I made some of the flutes that I play live in this set, especially for this live recording, and I also play live harmonica during this set, as well as my boss looper for live sampling. This set starts very meditative, flute emerging from birdsong, accompanied by floating strains of a friend’s slide guitar, building and weaving a journey through emotive melody. Please enjoy to your hearts content and then enjoy some more . May this set take you to a wonderful place where every step is a dance and every word a song!”


Soundcloud: @bhakti-vardhana-goode-art
Artwork – Jai Piccone


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