Elliott Creed Provides 333 Sessions With A Cosmic Mix Of Melodic House

The Melbourne based DJ and Producer Elliott Creed is quickly turning heads in the Australian music industry.

Elliott Creed is skilled at capturing emotive expression and prompting for listening to be taken beyond the dancefloor.

His years of industry experience and classical piano training have aided in the development of his own melodic-ambient driven sound that has lead to sets interstate and internationally at festivals such as Burning Man, Sundancer Thailand and Coastal Jam, all where he has been able to share his adaptation of progressive-melodic techno with a scintillating passion.

2021 has enabled Elliott to bring many of his projects into the public domain and secure releases on labels such as Euphorie Bezirk, Duenia Records and Upon Access. These releases have all made a splash and have gained support from the local scene and as well as international recognition.

In addition to his musical talents, he has also found the time to cultivate a brand of his own in the form of Leisure Space. This establishment encapsulates his ideals as both artist and person – aiming to generate a harmonious atmosphere where both aesthetic and culture work simultaneously.

A message from the artist: The plethora of sounds that culminate within dance music are always subjective and the restraint of time often apprehends a selectors ability to truly express their own artistic language. The opportunity for a mix like this allows for a range of sounds, tempos and genres to be explored to fully capture an exhibition of expression. The approach to this mix was to take the listener along a crescendo throughout the progression of the set, whilst also allowing the emotions of the track-list to come full circle. It was a real pleasure curating this and I hope everyone enjoys the experience. Big thank you to the team behind the 333 Sessions and Flow Music for the amazing opportunity – keeping heads up during hard times. – Elliott Creed”

Elliott Creed

Cover Art – Jai Piccone


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