Eli & Fur Are Releasing A Live Version Of Their album ‘Found In The Wild’

Released on Anjunadeep, the live performance LP will be on sale from October 18th.

Eli & Fur are a UK duo known for their DJ sets and melodic releases on labels such as Anjunadeep.

This summer Eli & Fur released their critically acclaimed debut studio album “Found in The Wild” which went straight to #1 on release in the UK iTunes Electronic Albums Chart. A dual part album concept, “Found in The Wild” is a sonic presentation of two contrasting and quintessential parts of the unique Eli & Fur sound. On October 18, the producer duo will release a live version of the album via longtime label home Anjunadeep.

The audio is a recording from the album’s accompanying short film “Found In The Wild” (Live), Eli & Fur’s intimate first live performance which Insomniac will exclusively premiere this Friday, October 15th at 12 PM PT / 3 PM ET across Facebook, Youtube, and Twitch.

The ethereal cinematic production was curated by a world-class team who helped bring Eli & Fur’s vision to life including Director Liam Bream alongside Executive Producer and Commissioner, John Moule, whose previous credits include Bonobo, Nils Frahm, Jon Hopkins, and Caribou. Debuting their signature vocals alongside guitar, keys, synths, and percussion, the performance mirrors the format of the album and is staged in two very distinct moods and energies. Featuring cameos from Fur’s horse Lottie, and a vintage Mustang known as “Fury”, “Found In The Wild” (Live) is like stepping into Eli & Fur’s world.

Starting with the more downtempo song-based productions which show Eli & Fur’s strengths as songwriters, vocalists, and producers in equal measure, the duo then changes gear and BPMs and performs their signature blend of emotive productions geared for the dancefloor. Eli & Fur said, “We had such an incredible reaction to our debut album, we wanted to give our fans a taste of how our live show will look when we finally get the chance to perform it next year. Alongside an incredible team, we got to be really creative and record our first-ever live performance in a beautiful forest and the audio will be released as an album which is out in a week. We wanted to bring the record to life and this feels like an amazing way to tell the story of the album fully. We can’t wait to be able to perform it in front of crowds again”.

Below is a video that gives a sample of what you can expect to see via the Live Club Mix of ‘Come Back Around’, and you can pre-order a copy of the live version of the album from HERE


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