Derun Drop ‘La Sombra del Viento’ EP On Sabo’s Sol Selectas

The three track release is available in stores on the 24th of December 2021.

Sabo and his label Sol Selectas close out another year of amazing music.

Sol Selectas is one of the labels that helped kick start the organic house movement, and it’s been an influential genre leader ever since.

Turkish duo Derun, get the honour of closing out the year for the record label, and their three-track EP is in the vibrant and characterful style that Sol Selectas is synonymous with.

Derun are a regular feature on Sol Selectas but have also featured on other record labels including Bar 25 Music, Cosmic Awakenings, Pipe & Pochet and Akbal Music.

The EP’s track names are all in Turkish, but the official press release gives us an English translation so we can fully understand their concept.

“La Sombra del Viento” which translates to “The Shadow of the Wind” is the EP’s opener, and its concept is about the “expression of our life experiences. Flowing through the winds of time, along the way we leave behind little pieces of ourselves, and our shadows mark the trail of which those shards are scattered.” This concept is brought to life with powerful vocals and jovial guitar chords layered with mystic synths and flowing percussion.

“Ven Hermosa” translates to “Come Beautiful One” which is the second of the tracks, and it’s based on the concept “of a woman who’s being courted by two men that both promise exquisite wedding gifts if she accepts their marriage proposal. The music builds with vigorous energy as the men try to outdo one another, but then ends abruptly, as eventually she laughs, and decides to reject them both.” It’s got suspense building synths and an intimate flute section combined with the enchanting vocals of the woman at the heart of the story.

The last of the three is “Descalzo” which translates to “Barefoot” and it’s a collaboration with ARKADYAN. This one doesn’t come with a description of the concept, but its title and flamenco style rhythms seem to be linked to the concept of people dancing barefoot at some kind of banquet or celebratory event. It’s got a trumpet lead joyous mood that is described as “a modern take on a classic kind of dance music.”

All three of the tracks have a great percussive energy that will no doubt appeal to house music fans across the board, as the live instrumentation means this release could fit with a variety of other styles.

You can pick up a copy from HERE


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