Denon Reveal New DJ Controller ‘LC6000 PRIME’

It can be mapped to sync with laptop-based DJ software, and allows compatible decks to play multiple tracks at the same time.

Denon has announced the LC6000 PRIME, which is a new DJ media controller.

The company has labelled it the “Performance Expansion Controller,” and it makes use of Denon’s dual-layer playback system.

This allows compatible Denon decks to play two tracks from a single player. The LC6000 PRIME produces no audio itself, but it gives dedicated access to the second layer when paired with a Denon player.

In simplified terms, it’s a budget way of buying a pair of Denon ‘SC6000’ decks, as individually the deck itself would cost around £1259 each, but this controller is only £599.

So, you could buy one deck and one controller to make what’s effectively a pair of ‘SC6000’ decks.

It’s also a midi controller that can be mapped to work with a computer and control DJ software such as Serato or Traktor, which means it’s still got use for those who don’t own any other Denon products.

LC6000 PRIME can map to four virtual decks simultaneously, allowing a skilled DJ to mix four tracks all at the same time from a single controller.

The unit has the option to be powered via USB, and some of its features include an 8.5-inch jog wheel and 10cm pitch fader. It also has dedicated pitch buttons for nudging the playback speed of a track up and down in order to get the beats of a mix perfectly in sync.

We haven’t tried the product and this isn’t a paid advertisement, but giving an honest opinion from the information we have seen, this sounds like a great addition for anyone who is already using Denon products in their DJ setup.

Pioneer is widely regarded by most DJs to be the industry standard CD/digital deck brand, and we aren’t sure if this product would be enough for someone to buy Denon decks instead, but it does look like a good controller for those looking to control DJ software from a laptop.

To find out more, you can watch the manufacturers official video below, and find the full product specification HERE


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