Deer Jade Played A DJ Set On The Runway Of ‘iGA Istanbul Airport’

The hour-long mix features her own music plus ‘Reach The Water’ by AEYEM and Lakyn.

Deer Jade takes flight with an epic mix recorded live from the runway of iGA Istanbul Airport.

The airport was recently voted “Best European Airport for Digital Transformation” by the International Airports Council and Deer Jade’s set of majestic melodic house make sure they also have one of the best soundtracks.

Born in Switzerland and based in Germany, Deer Jade is a sweetheart of the European club scene, but she has also travelled further afield to showcase her talents.

Her track selection tells emotive stories that she weaves together with her seamless mixing skills to express a charismatic persona and enchant dance floors.

She is also a skilled producer whose music can be heard on Stil Vor Talent along with other respected record labels and she plays a couple of her own tracks in this DJ mix.

Also in the tracklist is the original mix of “Reach The Water” by AEYEM and Lakyn, which was recently released by Flow Music’s record label and appears in the mix at 20:42 minutes.

We really enjoyed listening through this set from start to finish, and thought we would share it with you guys so you can also feel the magic…


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