Carl Craig, Surgeon & Matthew Dear Are Streaming Via ‘Blast’

The new platform hosts exclusive audio performances that are only available for 24 hours.

Blast is a new audio platform that presents a new concept of live stream performances.

Artists can broadcast live on Blast to create and share audio in real-time, but after 24 hours the streams will no longer be available.

Artists already signed up to use the new service include the likes of Carl Craig, Steffi, Surgeon, Matthew Dear and more than 150 other artists.

Those wishing to use the platform need to purchase the “Blast Box” that allows artists to stream or DJ live, and those performances are made available via the free to download app called Blast Radio.

The idea is that it gives artists a “low-pressure way to experiment and play what you love right now without worrying about it existing forever.

Carl Craig already started a weekly broadcast on June 9th, and on June 10th Matthew Dear played a set of tracks that inspired his Audion and Brain aliases. Steffi plans to start streaming DJ sets from her new studio in the Portuguese countryside, and other participating artists include the likes of Surgeon and Locked Groove.

Anyone who wants to perform on the service can do so by purchasing a Blast Box which will retail for around $199, and can be plugged into any audio equipment with an RCA cable. It streams uncompressed audio to the Blast service at a 16-bit 48kHz sample rate via Wi-Fi, and broadcasts can be started and stopped via the press of a single button.

There is also an opportunity for artists to make money using the service, as although the app is free for listeners. People can give artists a financial tip if they really enjoy a particular stream, and the performing artist will receive 50% of that money with Blast also taking a percentage cut.

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