Carina Lawrence Drops A Mesmerising Mix Of Melodic Techno For 333 Sessions

One of Melbourne’s finest DJs, she has has played alongside international talent ranging from wAFF to Rebūke.

With over a decade of involvement in the music scene as a DJ, Carina Lawrence has made her mark at many late-night institutions both in Melbourne and internationally.

It is in these darkly lit club-rooms, belting out the best of beats, that she shines brightest. Her signature sound is an infusion of genres. Her diverse tastes traverse effortlessly through various elements of techno, house and progressive.

Revellers can expect a symphony of melodic moments, soulful tribal grooves and eclectic influences emanating from the system while she plays. One look at her in the booth reveals the concentration and attention to detail that she has become famous for. No ego, just good tunes, on-point mixing and a mood and energy in the room second to none.

Carina has firmly cemented her place in the Melbourne clubbing scene, holding regular spots at the likes of Onesixone and Pawn & Co, and making regular guest appearances at Revolver, Circus and more. On the event circuit, Carina has performed for Thick As Thieves, whilst also earning support duties for the Defected Australasia Tour and playing alongside top international touring artists including WAFF, Lovebirds and Rebuke.

2021 brings new and exciting musical opportunities with a number of her own original releases on the horizon via her new ‘Otherhalf’ project. Along with an extended 3:33 hour set, she also took the time to run through a few questions…

Thanks for recording us a podcast, what inspired the track selection, and was there a concept for the mix?

I’m incredibly inspired by melodies and moments in tracks that give you the ability to connect with the artist and hear their story. I think that’s where the concept came from for my mix. I wanted to tell a story, take people on a journey with music that I have connected with, especially over the past 18 months.

When did you first get decks, and what inspired you to become a DJ

I bought my first decks (CDJ 200’s) in 2010 at the age of 20. I was always very into music having been surrounded by it and playing a musical instrument all through my schooling years. I was a lover of jazz, still am to this day but when I was introduced to the electronic music scene later in my teens, I fell in love! My early days of clubbing and being introduced to the scene was incredibly exciting. I was always the one at the after-parties selecting the tracks to play and I think it was just a natural progression from there to take up DJing. I wanted to create a vibe for my friends, not just enjoy the party itself and nothing has changed since. 

Where do you normally DJ, and what are your thoughts on the Australian scene?

I’m fortunate to have a great roster of gigs across Melbourne at some iconic venues including Onesixone, Pawn & Co, Revolver and Circus. I also have had the opportunity to play some amazing gigs with the Thick As Thieves crew, most recently supporting Rebuke back in July.  The Australian music scene is incredibly strong with so many talented artists out there! The one thing I love is how supportive everyone is, whether it be artists supporting each other, club nights and even the events network. Rather than competing against each other, there’s a feeling of encouragement to make each artist or event better as a collective. There is enough room in this industry for everyone!  

How important do you think festival culture is, and do you have a favourite festival to play or attend? 

The festival culture is super important as it gives punters and artists a different platform to express themselves. When you look internationally at the festival culture, it’s really what drives people to travel around! Many trips are based around some of the best festivals in the world and I think it’s super important to have a strong festival circuit here to bring people to Australia and hear the amazing artists that we have to offer. Personally, my festival to play at was The Petting Zoo and my favourite festivals to attend would have to be Rainbow and Babylon! 

What’s been the highlight of your DJ career?

This is a tough one to answer! I have had some seriously amazing and special gigs, but to narrow it down, I will give two highlights. Playing overseas at Paradise Club Mykonos was one of the most incredible moments of my career to date. Secondly and more recently, the Rebuke gig for Thick As Thieves. The vibe and energy in that marquee was incredible and I will never forget it! 

Can you list a few of the DJ’s who in your opinion never disappoint? 

Tough question again! There are so many DJ’s who continuously give it their all time and time again, but some special mentions will go to Hot Since 82, Carl Cox, Solomun and Nora En Pure. Locally, The Journey, Brian Fantana, and Sunshine. 

What’s next in your schedule, any gigs you want to tell us about, even in the distant future?

Well next up for me is a move to London for about a year or so. It will be sad to leave the scene here for a short while but I’ve built some really special relationships here and I can’t wait to get back involved soon. I’ll be aiming to get some great gigs over in London, I’m really excited to be involved in the UK/European scene and see where it takes me!

On the production side, there will be some releases of music in the future under a new side project called ‘Otherhalf’… Stay tuned!  

Do you have a message for your fans or anything else you want to add?

I’d love to thank everyone for their support, whether it be listening to my sets, the feedback, the support at clubs and events and the beautiful messages! It really means the world to me and that continually inspires me every day to keep on going! It’s been a wild journey so far and I can’t wait for what’s ahead! 

Also, a thank you to the Flow team for giving me this opportunity, it’s been a really great project to work on especially during the lockdown! Thank you 😊


Cover Art – Jai Piccone


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