Aves Volare Provides Flow Sessions A Mix That Spans The Full Spectrum Of Melodic Genres

He is a talented DJ and producer from Frankfurt, Germany.

Aves Volare Has Releases Tracks On Traum, Systematic Recordings, Stil Vor Talent and Katermukke.

Aves Volare is a melodic house/techno and progressive artist from Frankfurt in Germany, and he is also the label owner of Aviary Recordings.

A well-known DJ who plays regularly at events across Germany and other parts of Europe, Aves Volare is a master at telling stories with music.

First feeling out the vibe and mood of the room, he first lays a foundation of tracks that he knows will get a good response on the dance floor.

After gaining the attention of the crowd, he then starts to work his magic, using the mood and energy of tracks to toy with emotions and create peaks and troughs of energy.

His exclusive mix for our podcast series lets him showcase his sound in full, and we hope you all enjoy his extended 3:33-hour DJ set.

Words from the artists: “Dear Flow Community, It was an absolute pleasure for me to put together this highly emotive, 3 hour & 33 minute mix for you. I have endeavoured to create a blend that flows and a perfect balance of original, remixed, and edited music from the Indie Dance, Progressive House and Melodic Techno genres that combines the fresh & new, with the old & nostalgic. I hope it resonates in the right spot 🙂 Now… Let’s press play and let the music do the talking! Thank you for listening, Aves Volare”


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