Apple Music Is Helping Artists Monetize DJ Mixes

The streaming giant, has developed software that expands on the technology used by Shazam.

Charlotte de Witte is just one of the DJs excited about this new technology.

Apple Music has announced new technology that allows producers to claim royalties if their tracks are used in a DJ set.

The new software expands on the existing technology produced by Shazam, which is designed to identify a track when music is played into the program.

According to an official statement from Apple, it will “allow Apple Music to properly identify and compensate all of the individual creators involved in making a particular DJ Mix—including any artists behind the music in the mix.”

This new feature is accompanied by other Apple Music technology developments that include skipping to certain songs in a mix, seeing individual track titles, lossless audio and the ability to save mixes for offline listening.

Some of the brands helping Apple test and develop the software include Mixmag, Boiler Room, and !K7’s DJ-Kicks.

Horst Weidenmueller is founder of K7!, and they are going back into archive of the DJ-Kicks mixes, to make some classic sets available online for the first time. Talking on this subject, Horst Weidenmueller said: “This is a big moment for !K7. Through the partnership with Apple, we finally have a place to celebrate DJ-Kicks with additional 14 editions which haven’t been in the market for over 15 years.

DJs are also excited about the project, with Charlotte de Witte saying: “Apple Music is the first platform that offers continuous mixes where there’s a fair fee involved for the artists whose tracks are included in the mixes and for the artist making those mixes. It’s a step in the right direction where everyone gets treated fairly,”

H/T: Mixmag


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