Adapter shares an insight into his musical influences and Playpo imprint

Telling us about his new label Playpo, and how his Italian roots influenced his production sound…

Hi, it’s a pleasure to speak with you! How are you?

Hi, it’s my pleasure also. I’m tired because of working hard but I’m well.

First off, what’s the story behind Playpo? How did the label come to start?

It’s not the first time I’ve managed a label, in the past I was co-owner of another label but I don’t agree on the choices, so I decided to leave the project. After 3 years I decided to start a label of my own, and start a new project, calling the label with the name of my first track played by Loco Dice.

How would you describe yours and the label’s sound?

Since I was a child I had lots of influences but house and tech-house have always given me strong emotions, especially during my sets.
So I chose this way for my label. The Playpo sound, already from the first releases, presents a mix of drums and harmony with really good vocals. I have to say it’s going very well and I received lots of great feedback.

Were you always musical growing up? What drove you towards house and techno?

I love experimenting a lot, during my career I tested new sounds in my studio and I got great results, as it shows through all the plays I’ve received from the big artists. I only had a little techno approach in the past. I love this genre and it sometimes in my sets, but house has conditioned all my life. The emotions that are shared with that are indescribable!

Would you say growing up in Napoli had a noticeable effect on the sound you produce and play?

Naples is the most important city in Italy around music. The city has a rich musical culture. I have always been conditioned by my city for the colors and the vivacity it offers. The people are fantastic and the parties are the best in the world. They host many big artists where I often go to listen to them and take inspiration.

You’re signed to some pretty serious labels. How did you come to be part of labels such as Hot Creations, Get Physical and Snatch?

Yes, also Desolat. Over the years I’ve worked a lot on my productions and lived in many cities including Ibiza, London, and Amsterdam, where I met the owners of these labels in person and given my tracks. Apparently they like it. Obviously, it wasn’t so easy because I cultivated a beautiful friendship during these years especially with Jamie, Loco Dice, and Riva Starr.

What kind of gear do you use when it comes to producing?

In my studio, I use many keyboards because I’ve studied piano, but I also love the analog machines for making the drums and the rhythms. I use Ableton because it’s very easy to make music and allows me to use many different programs to produce great sounding tracks.

Where do you take inspiration from before getting in the studio?

The inspiration I can get from everywhere. I listen to many genres including rock, pop, R’n’B, especially loving the 80/90’s. Certainly, I take inspiration from other producers too, but I believe that anything can give good inspiration, starting from a beautiful sunny day or from a sound that you listen to while you’re at the supermarket for example.

What do you look for in a new artist when it comes to signing them?

Surely I’m looking for originality. Usually, when I hear the copy of another track, I immediately reject it. Today it’s really difficult to find something original, but when I receive some nice demos I immediately realize that there’s something magical with them. When a producer works hardly on his records, I see it.

What do you do to unwind outside of music?

I dedicate a lot to sport, especially football, and the gym, it relaxes me a lot. Then I have a stable job that allows me to invest in music.  The work tires me a lot but today, keeping myself only with music is difficult. Fortunately, I can alternate between music and work.

What artists would you say are ones to watch at the moment for you?

At the moment the artists to watch for their productions and DJ set’s are Camelphat, Detlef, Fisher, Solardo, Peggy Gou, Loco Dice, Jamie Jones. These artists have been doing amazing in the last few years.

What’re your top 5 tracks at the moment?

Fisher – Losing it
Detlef – Deep dip
Adam Beyer, Bart Skils – Your Mind
Camelphat – Panic Room
Nasser Baker – Say Something

What does the future hold for Adapter and the Playpo label?

I hope beautiful things. About Playpo, I’m currently scheduling all the winter 2018/19 stuff and there are very good releases that will come out soon. I hope all these sacrifices lead in a good direction. About me, I’m finishing a lot of projects and I look forward to important answers for my career. I hope they will happen soon!

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